We resolve technical issues fast

With the best will in the world, despite comprehensive compatibility testing, no transceiver supplier can claim to have experienced zero technical support issues with their customers.

Our ethos is that on the rare occasion a customer does experience a technical issue, it is how we resolve the issue that matters. Be assured that a customer technical issue is afforded the highest priority action within our business.  

The below case study demonstrates the lengths Approved Technology will go to address technical issues.

Case Study

Technical Support - Intel NIC Card X710 using ATGBICS GP-10GSFP-T-C  

  • ATGBICS by Approved Technology Compatible Transceiver part code: Intel GP-10GSFP-T-C
  • Quantity: 64 units
  • Host Hardware: Dell Intel X710 10GB Dual Port SFP+ Mezzanine Card - T44PH
  • Technical issue: Once installed on test equipment the client reported that the Intel NIC Card did not detect the transceiver. As a result, the card could not configure the node with the SFP installed.

Our customer was under pressure for time as their engineers had a 24 hour period to deliver the transceivers to the datacentre for scheduled installation.

Technical support and resolution provided by Approved Technology

Approved Technology’s technical engineers identified a firmware compatibility issue specifically with the Intel model X710. Revised firmware was issued within hours.

At our cost we advance replaced the products via a same day courier.

Within 24 hours of first reporting the issue, our clients received replacements tested to be 100% compatible with the required infrastructure.

Our client was able to meet their scheduled installation date with the datacentre with no further issues.

Client Testimonial

“Revised Firmware, worked! All’s well that ends well; I know I speak for Axxx too when I say that you’ve handled this really well and we’re very pleased with the outcome. Having something go wrong is not the main issue, it never is. It’s how you handle it that really matters, and you guys stepped up straight away, took ownership and got it sorted – with an ongoing solution for the future.”

Thankfully these cases are extremely rare but when they happen, Approved Technology will always go the extra mile to resolve technical issues with urgency as we know the potential impact with VAR client relations and cost exposure. The customer is King!