Bespoke DAC & AOC solutions to connect multi-vendor networks

Approved Technology is helping clients simplify their network connectivity in cross-platform network environments.

It is not uncommon for organisations to deploy a mix of hardware vendors in their network environment. Approved Technology offers a unique bespoke service enabling clients to neatly connect host devices from different vendors on the same network.

We can provide Direct Attach and Active Optical cables with the transceivers on either end coded to different vendors. Picture a scenario of connecting a Cisco® and an Intel® host device - A compatible Intel® transceiver on one end and a compatible Cisco® transceiver on the other.

This flexible option provides a neat, cost-effective solution in a short reach network environment.

We support the full range of transmission speeds from 10Gbps to 400Gbps in SFP and QSFP form factors We can also customise to any technically viable cable length.

The deployment of Direct Attach Cables offers a more cost-effective and neater solution than using two optical transceivers and a fibre cable in short reach applications. With Approved Technology supporting your multi-vendor network requirements, this does not need to be restricted to single-vendor environments.

With our compatibility guarantee, you can be sure our products meet or exceed the vendor specification in compliance with all MSA standards and protocols. Each product is uniquely serialised, and we proudly offer a lifetime warranty on all our products.

What is the difference between a Direct Attach and Active Optical Cable?

Direct Attach Cables are used in short reach, high-density, high-speed interconnect data centre applications. They are designed for networking, data storage and telecom systems where you need the highest possible network efficiency, low power consumption and low latency at an affordable price. We supply both Passive and Active options. Active DAC has a signal amplification, class clock, data recovery (CDR) and equalizer technology to support longer distances than standard Passive DAC cables which have no electrical components built into the cable assembly.

DAC cables are most often used to connect equipment located within the same data rack with short transmission distance requirements, typically 1-2m. That said we do offer 0.5-15m lengths

We recommend a Passive DAC is used for transmission of up to 7m and an Active DAC is suitable for 7-15m.

Active Optical Cables are used as an alternative to Direct Attach Copper (DAC) cables to offer an increased distance and performance. They are also lighter weight, reduce bulkiness, have a higher bandwidth, and have low power consumption.