Memory Solutions

We specialise in stocking a comprehensive range of memory solutions for Cisco networks, however our

robust supply chain enables us to source memory for all network manufacturers with very fast turnaround times.


We have specialist geeky knowledge within our sales team with collectively over 30 years in the industry. Configuration & technical support is exciting to us!


3rd party compatibles, Approved and originals are available, both new & used.


We comprehensively stock:

  • ATA Cards

  • Boot Flash

  • Compact Flash

  • Compact Flash Adaptors

  • DRAM

  • Flash Disks

  • Flash Sims

  • Line Cards

  • SD Cards


  • Strata Flash

  • USB Drive

Remember using alternative solutions to vendor originals will NOT invalidate your warranty. For Cisco’s policy regarding the use of 3rd party components like memory, click HERE

Below is an excerpt from the Cisco policy



Cisco Guideline:

Third Party Components Support


The Cisco guideline for support and warranty services for the use of third-party memory, cables, Gigabit Interface Controllers (GBICs), filters, or other non-Cisco components is as follows:

When a customer reports a product fault or defect and Cisco believes the fault or defect can be traced to the use of third-party memory products, cables, GBIC's, filters, or other non-Cisco components by a customer or reseller, then, at Cisco's discretion, Cisco may withhold support under warranty or a Cisco support program such as SMART Net Total care™ service.


When a product fault or defect occurs in the network, and Cisco concludes that the fault or defect is not attributable to the use of third-party memory, cables, GBICs, filters, or other non-Cisco components installed by a customer or reseller, Cisco will continue to provide support for the affected product under warranty or covered by a Cisco support program.


The nature of the defect or error is the key to determining Cisco support obligations.


Cisco also reserves the right to charge the customer per then current time and material rates for services provided to the customer when Cisco determines, after having provided such services, that the root cause of the defective product was caused by a third-party vendor supplied product.’’


To assist clients concerns about warranty cover, Approved Technology offer buffer stock  in the rare case of any failures . This allow clients to swap out any parts not working  thus avoiding engineer callout etc. In addition advance replacement parts can be shipped on request within 24 hours, subject to support agreements being in place.

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